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A Ten-Day Journey of Mind Space Travel

By Ben Kousholt, Wellness Travel Seeker Halfway through Day 2 of the retreat, I got up from having sat cross-legged, squirming through another hour of focusing on my breath as it passed over the small area beneath my nose and above my upper lip. My knees ached as they stretched under me, pins and needles […]

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Dipping a Toe Back Into Travel

By Catherine Dunwoody I was nervous. After 4 months of lockdown (yes, I started even earlier than Dr. Bonnie suggested) my new normal consisted of barely leaving the house and a hyper-vigilante way of living safely. I have always been a bit of a ‘Niles Crane’ when it comes to germy stuff. I pull my […]

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First-Ever Wellness Travel Consortia Website Launches in BC

By Cheryl MacKinnon & Gayle Morris, Great Wellness Getaways Welcome to our site. We are thrilled you’ve found us and hope you’ll return often. In this first blog post, we’re sharing a bit of background on how wellness travel has evolved. Times are changing. Wellness seekers are crossing over into every aspect of life. Teaching […]

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Getaway to Thompson Okanagan Mountain Resorts

By Tracey Rayson, Travel Writer Admit it: You’ve hit the snooze for a second time, now contemplating a third. But what you might not realize is there’s a layer of freshly fallen champagne powder eager to be discovered. Or better yet, disturbed. After all, you’re in the Thompson Okanagan and your wellness vacation is waiting […]

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Indigenous Cultural Wellness at The Lund Resort at Klah ah men

By Michelle Hopkins, Travel Writer When I was invited on a trip to Lund, I must confess I had no idea where Lund was! Driving only 30 minutes north of Powell River through scenic coastal views, you will arrive at this tranquil town of just under 300 residents. For the Tla’amin First Nation – who […]

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Naturally Inspired Rejuvenation at Homfray Lodge

By Michelle Hopkins, Travel Writer Travel can be a great way to refresh and rejuvenate mind and body, yet on a recent visit to Homfray Lodge located in Desolation Sound, in British Columbia, I discovered a kind of magic about a resort which is truly isolated. Accessible only by float plane or boat, this all-inclusive […]

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Rejuvenation is Yours at The Cove Lakeside Resort

Editorial in partnership with Great Wellness Getaways and The Cove Lakeside Resort These days, it seems most everyone needs a break from overly busy lives. A break where all that’s on the to-do list is simply rest and restore energy levels. A change of scenery, even for a few days, can do wonders for us […]

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Seascape Wellness at Galiano Oceanfront Inn & Spa

By Michelle Hopkins, Travel Writer Surrounded by white-shell beaches, and miles of forest trails, Galiano Island is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise. Whether you are into hiking, mountain biking, walking, bird watching, kayaking, swimming, sailing, beachcombing, or all of the above, you’ve come to the right place. This past winter, I was on this skinny, 19-mile-long […]

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Three Top Healing Hot Springs in the Kootenay Rockies

By Tracey Rayson, Travel Writer Curative Waters to Buoy Your Body & Soul As you slip into the natural spa pool of chest-deep thermal waters, the soothing warmth will glide over your body like a smooth silk spun cocoon. Stretching out against the water’s soft resistance, you’ll feel the blissful rhythm of your breath in […]

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Travel Well On the Go… with a Plant-Based Diet

By Chelsey H. Allen, B.A., RHN Plant-based diets are moving beyond popular. And for a good reason. As we continue seeing well-being as an inherent part of travel, it’s no surprise that more destinations are offering choices that support the planet and our health. When we travel, regardless of diet dogma or food preferences, it’s […]

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Up-Level Your Wellbeing at Work with 3 Easy Tools

By Theresa Lambert It won’t come as a surprise that in this world in which we are always connected it has become increasingly difficult to disconnect. At work, we often experience “rush hour” and for some that has become business as usual. When our wellbeing suffers from chronic stress due to worries about what we […]

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Wellness Paradise at Brentwood Bay Resort

By Cheryl MacKinnon, Great Wellness Getaways Located within the tranquil setting of Saanich Inlet, a short drive outside of the city limits of Victoria on Vancouver Island sits the exquisite Brentwood Bay Resort. The contemporary west coast property offers 33 luxurious suites, each of which, in a great twist of design, face the waterfront. This […]

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Wellness-Focused BC Small Businesses

British Columbia also has many small business owners who provide exceptional wellness experiences located throughout the province.

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